Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Green Craft and a New Mission

This week was filled with chores, chores and a little fun thrown in.
Today I made these cute Popsicle covers for favors for a friends baby shower. I copied the idea from blogger Stephanie Lynn at Under the table and dreaming. They are so easy to make and my kids were so excited to use them. Green craft alert- these are great because the kiddos don't use a ton of paper towels to hold their pops. Many of you know that I am not a huge "tree hugger" but if I can do a little here and there I will. It doesn't hurt that they were sew cute and sew easy to make.
It is one of my goals for the summer to declutter my house from top to bottom and I thought that putting my goals out here for all to see would help me stick to it. I am going to try to conquer one area a week and stay on top of the areas that have been completed so that I don't mess up what I have already finished. Feel free to cheer me on, because I thrive on praise. My goal for the week ahead is paper clutter. I will be posting before and after photos so don't judge me to harshly but realize that everyday is a struggle for me to keep the clutter at bay. What do I hope to accomplish by laying it all out there? I want people to see the real me, messy and flawed but working towards being the best I can be.

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