Thursday, May 27, 2010

What to write?

I didn't have a new craft to write about so I am going to go where the wind takes me. I don't know how all of the amazing bloggers out there do it. First they think of all the cool crafts, find time to finish them and then blog about them. The more I read here in blog land the more I realize that God gave women a superpower. The ability to multi task.
One of my favorite blogs to visit is Pregnant with power tools. Christin is so amazing! She is a super mom! I totally stole her idea for spray painting my porch sconces, she cuts holes in walls, builds cute boxes (she made the one I have posted ) and she is a nursing mommy to a 6 week old!!! When you get a chance check out her blog I know you will love it.
All my friends know what I think about nursing, but I will tell you again... It is one of the best ways to get close your baby. I mean if you think about it, that little life is completely dependent on you for survival. What an awesome responsibility God has placed in our arms. A nursing mama is a superhero in my eyes. But even with all that we (nursing moms) give up, sleeping through the night, white shirts, cute bras, perky breasts, never being alone. WE have been given the milk breath, milk comas, cute sweaty curls, the smallest ear impressions on our arms, tiny hands slapping our cheeks and playing with our hair or earrings, babies who hardly ever cry when they are hungry, and the best 30 minutes to sit and relax and concentrate on each other. This post goes out to all of my nursing mommy's out there, You are doing what God intended for you and yours. If anyone ever needs a nursing pep talk or any help at all please contact me. I am a great listener if you need to vent and a cheerleader if you are feeling down. Thanks for going with the flow.

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  1. Aww I love this post. I'm proud to be a NM to a 10month old! :)


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