Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thrift store goodies

I went to the thrift store with $5 in my pocket and look what I found!

1. Awesome round tray $1.99- to be spray painted some sort of blue color for my coffee table display (I haven't had anything on my coffee table for six whole years because of the kiddos. They use it for everything from cars to trains to a diving board.)

2. The cool plastic bag holder $1.99- which now holds my girls underware in their closet. I saw the idea in a magazine and it is great. I love repurposing things.

3. The cute little box with a heart $.50- for the girls room I thought they would like to carry little pets stuff around in it.

4. A book for my little monkey $.50- It is so amazing that she is reading chapter books already, she gets so excited about what she is reading and wants to tell us the whole story at meal times. So much fun!

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