Sunday, August 15, 2010

Paper Flower Tutorial

These sweet flowers are pretty easy to make, they are a little repetitive so put on your favorite music or a movie you've seen a few times, gather your supplies and get to work.
1. scissors
2. glue gun
3. floral tape
4. wrapped floral wire
5. paper for flowers and leaves
6. petal and leaf templates ( these came from a kit but it would be very easy to make your own, I can't remember where the kit came from sorry)

1. Create the ovary. Take a square of paper 2"x 2" and crumple it into a ball.
2. Hot glue it to the floral wire.
3. Next take another 2"x 2" piece of paper and wrap it around the the ball and hot glue it into place.
4. Take a 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" piece of paper and cut some fringe, just like you used to do when you made paper grass in kindergarten.
5. Wrap the fringe around the ovary and hot glue into place. You have just created the stamen. (You didn't know that you were going to get a science lesson did you?)
I forgot to take a picture while I was adding the petals but all you do is add a little hot glue to the end and apply to the base of the stamen. I used 4 or 5 small patterned petals and 4 or 5 large solid petals. This is the creative part there are so many different scrap book papers out there that the possibilities are endless.
For the leaves take a piece of floral wire and hot glue it to the back and then glue it to the flower stem. Last but not least use the floral tape to wrap the whole stem from the leaf down. Like the picture above. I like to use odd numbers of things so I went with three flowers on my coffee table. I edited my pictures at There are a ton of great features. It is also very easy I mean if I can use it anyone can!


  1. Love it, Becks! Once again, you amaze me! It actually made me think, "I could do that." So thanks for the play-by-play for the craft-challenged! So, so, so happy to read your great news. I'm thinking of having a preschool manipulatives swap, if you're interested! Big hugs! Have an awesome week and thanks for the inspiration!


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