Saturday, September 25, 2010

Birthday Girls!

My baby is turning 7!
JoJo is turning 5!
I can't believe how fast the years have flown by and because I know that January will be here before I know it...
I am trying not to procrastinate.
So we are planning a birthday party 4 months in advance!
We have the theme: Build-a-bear

We have the guest list: 12 of the cutest little kiddos around.
Here are the invites...
They are beary cute and best of all they have both pink and purple on them!

I have an idea for cuppy cakes.

See the cute pink bear...

I think it is coming together, the girls have the bear and cat that they want to make all picked out and JoJo keeps asking if tomorrow is her birthday.
I am glad it isn't I still have a wee bit of planning to do.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

If you want to feel better about yourself look at this!

Mt. Washmore.
The laundry pile.
The bane of my existence.
What ever you call it, it is what controls us around here.
We don't have a laundry room.
We have a closet.
And our washing machine is broken at the moment.
My mom and dad have been washing and folding all of our laundry.
What a blessing. All of our dirty and clean clothes are stored in the same place.
This is what the girls bedroom looks like on any given day...
Truth be told I have several problems, first we have too many clothes and second I hate putting clothes away because it is so hard to get to the closets. I think it might be because of all the toys, clothes and shoes on the floor in front of them. This is a picture of our laundry closet here it is really scary. This was taken in June and I would like to say it has been cleaned but sadly it remains the same. I am going to take the advice from the families on these sites here and here and try to get it under control! Really I am...
Linking up to the 4 Moms laundry post

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Check out this giveaway!

This is an awesome giveaway. A $50.00 Lisa Leonard gift certificate. If I win I am going to buy a key chain, because I don't have one anymore and they are so amazing!
You can enter to win too here at Decor Chick!