Thursday, March 24, 2011

40 Bags in 40 Days Week #2

The Back Yard  
My oldest getting ready to mow down the jungle.
I hope she comes out alive!

Here are the reasons I let it get so bad...
 First, I hate bugs especially things that hop and fly 
for example grasshoppers and praying mantises. 
Just the thought gives me the chills.
Second, it has been rainy and cold outside.
Third I don't have the right equipment, lawn mowers and such, to keep it up.

So my husband borrowed my dad's mower and plowed down the weeds.
 We filled 4 huge trash bags full of clippings.
We also found a few random broken toys out there.

The girls moved all of the old pots to the trash. 
(I was helping but I saw a grasshopper and had to stop.)

I cleaned out all of the old paint and stain from the garage.
These will be going to a hazardous waste yard near by. I found it at Earth911.

I took all of these photos on my iphone with the Instagram app. It is a fun app that lets you add cool effects and then you can upload directly to Facebook, Twitter, emails, and a few other social media sites. You can also follow your friends and comment on their photos.
 Stay tuned for stuff from the bathrooms next week...

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  1. Man, I don't blame you on the bug things. [Shiver] They will pretty much interrupt any project that I have going on. I've missed a bit lately...40 bags in 40 days? Loving it. It feels so good to de-clutter. Just popping in for a hello. How have you been? Enter my giveaway if you haven't already!



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