Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paint and a question?

Well, I did it, I painted the boys room!!! 
(This is me patting myself on the back.) 
I must say that it turned out great with only one coat!
 I choose the color Dill Pickle by Benjamin Moore.
 I also want to say that I am not afraid of color,
 it really makes me happy, 
like smile on my face every time I think about it happy.
Now I know a color like this is not for everyone,
my hubby included, who may or may not have mentioned split pea soup, when he walked in the room after a long hard day at work.
In person and during the day it is not quite so neon though.
Back to the question...
 I was wondering what you guys do about the heating and cooling vents.
Do you paint them the same as the wall or leave them stock?

Here is the room that inspired the color choice.

And here are some fun fabrics that I found to help me get the designer look.

I think I will be ready for the big reveal in a week or so.
I don't think I can stand much more of the house being torn up in any case.
Let me know what you think about the vent if you have a second.
Thanks Friends!

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  1. Cute room! I love love love the color! I'm following you back now, thanks!

  2. I would leave the vent alone. If you ever paint it you will have to paint it every time you repaint. It should be painted with an oil based enamel to stick to the previous paint. I enjoy your blog.

  3. Love that color! Your inspiration room is a great resource for ideas...Thanks for sharing!

  4. Like what Jan said, don't paint it with a different color. In our wall painting projects, we just left the vents alone. They look like an eyesore but she's right. I love the bold green color; it's almost the same as my daughter's bedroom wall color. Check it out at:


  5. I love, love, love the inspiration room and your fabrics. I almost wish I were a little boy, so I could have this room. Thanks for following! I'm your newest follower : )

  6. I happen to love both the color *and* I wanna steal those fabric choices too :) Following you back!

  7. Fun fabric choices! Can't wait to see the reveal! I'm following now =)


  8. Hi I've been looking for you! For some reason I couldn't find you until tonight. I'm following you now.

    That's a good question. About the vents. Don't have any vents in the walls. They are all in the ceiling. I think I have seen them painted the same as the wall color. Like in offices at work. Either way would work. I think so anyway. Hugs

  9. I LOVE IT! The greens make me SOOOOOOO filled with joy :) Good job girl!


  10. Our are in the ceiling - so stock they stay... I think painted would work...

    I think the room will be gorg - and I love your inspiration room!!!

  11. So cute! Can't wait to see the finished room! I always try to paint the vent covers, but I think it would look fine either way. If you paint it, though do very thin coats! I have had glopping issues before.

  12. Such a fun color! I also love the shelf below that you made your own! Following you back!

  13. split pea soup! lol that made me laugh!! It looks good, can't wait to see everything finished!!!

    PS so jealous of your colorful walls ;)

  14. I love the color! I cant wait to see the finished room!!

  15. I love the fun bright fabrics you've chosen! They are going to look so great with pretty green walls!

  16. What fun bright colors! Can't wait to see what the room looks like. Thanks for visiting and your nice comments!

  17. Great color! I painted my last apartment in grass green and it was so bright & fresh. I don't think the vent looks bad unpainted but if you're itching to paint the thing, I painted right over my son's in the same navy blue as his walls. Took a few coats. The paint is stuck on there...isn't going anywhere. I used Ben Moore's Aura line. Looks like you've been a busy "bee." Ha! (Totally bad pun, I know!)

  18. Love the color! It's perfect for a boy's room, without being too wild. So cute!


  19. I love the color. My youngest son has something similar in his room...along with a bright blue. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for all the nice comments. I'll keep checking back to yours for the room reveal...


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