Friday, June 10, 2011

The Lazy Girls Guide to a Cute New Pillow.

All it takes is 4 simple steps and you too can have a
 lazy girl pillow!

Step one: Buy a placemat that has two pieces of fabric that is stitched all the way around the sides. 
This is really the best part because all of the real work has been done for you.
I got mine on sale at Pottery Barn for $2.99!

Step two: open up a small side section with your seam ripper. 
No picture here because I am lazy.

Step three: Fill it up. I used the stuffing from a bed pillow that got all lumpy after I washed it. 
Again no picture here either, I told you I was lazy.

Step four: Sew up the little hole and admire your new pillow.

I think it took longer to write this post than it did to complete this project!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Top 5 American Flag Inspired Projects

In honor of Memorial Day I chose my top 5 American flag inspired projects. Two of them are mine and three of them are going down on my to do list. Here they are in particular order.

Number 5

Fran's Fabulous Front Porch

Number 4
Stephanie's Super Spindle Post

Number 3
My Folk Art Flag

Number 2

Natalie's Delightful Double Layer Quilt
Photo Credit

And finally my Number 1 
American Flag Inspired Project is...
The Finally Finished Flag Banner
I totally think it was worth the wait.

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