Thursday, January 5, 2012


A few gifts...
Here is another upcycled denim throw like the one I made  here.  I made this for my lovely, wonderful amazing friend. It is very raw and was pieced together randomly and sewn together even more randomly. So far it is my favorite blanket I have made. I love the contrast of the faded denim and the dark indigo.

I also made a circle denim garland with the left over jeans. So it was totally free. I love free, don't you. I am thrilled with how it came out. I wrapped the throw in kraft paper and then wrapped the garland around it a couple of times. It looked great, I am just sorry I didn't take a picture.

Finally, Emily and I made a double batch of baked ziti and wrapped it up, used some post-it labels to label it. BTW, I totally recommend these labels they are great. Then I stuck it in the freezer. It is a gift for a night off from cooking! 
Woo Hoo!!
Yay for Friday!!!

I am going to jump right in even though I am late getting to the party!
6. Makes You Smile
Hershey's Carmel Kisses-it's the little things.


  1. Your denim quilt is great. How smart you are to make baked ziti. It is going to be wonderful to pull that out of the freezer for a night you don't feel like cooking. Seriously, that makes my day when I can open the freezer and do that!

  2. Oooh nice bit of denim recycling!! Love it!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  3. I love the denim throw! I have quite a bit of denim laying around, and I was worried it would be too heavy for a throw.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. LOVE the throw and the garland, Becky! I loved your first throw too but I agree with you on this one - the faded denim and indigo look awesome together. Thanks for thinking of my party! I'll be featuring.


  5. I know I already left you a comment on this post (which I still love!), but I wanted to stop by and let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! You can stop by at to see all the details. It's just recognition for newer, smaller blogs that deserve a pat on the back for being fabulous!



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