Saturday, February 11, 2012


What is it about the carousel that sends me right back to my childhood? 
I don't know if it is the music or the lights? 
The feel of going up and down while being pulled in a circle? 
The sweet horses covered in paint and jewels?

We have been on a few, me and the kids. Like this one at Griffith park in Los Angeles.

It goes really fast and it doesn't have seat belts.
The operator told me that Walt Disney took his Niece and Nephew there and that is where he got the idea for Disneyland. I didn't check the facts and I really like believing that this is the truth. 
So, please don't burst my bubble.

This one is from Balboa Park in San Diego. Not as great as Griffith Park, but still old and a little bit rickety. It has a great bell sound that starts the ride, too.

Here we are on the Disneyland Carousel. We like to name our horses and pretend that they will jump off of the platform at any second, just like in Marry Poppins. 

     So...what is your favorite ride?
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  1. I used to pretend that the carousel at the local boardwalk did the same thing when I was growing up. Ok, I might still do this!

    Great post - linked over from insta-friday!

  2. I love that carousel! It looks awesome! :)

  3. My kids absolutely love the carousel. It makes them so happy. I'd like to believe that the story of Walt Disney is true also. :) thanks so much for linking up!

  4. What a sweet moment to capture! Any chance you'd like to join another weekly instagram link up? It's called Life in an Instant and I'm working on making it a place we share our favorite memories and get to know each other. Hope to see you there. This week's post for me was sad, but usually they are more upbeat!

  5. thanks so much for linking up! prepping my pics right now for tomorrow's linky


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